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Empowering health plans to drive
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inGAGE ™ offers a comprehensive approach to automate member engagement for health plans who offer, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Affordable Care Act Markeplace products.  inGAGE™ is also used by vendor and partner companies that are a part of our clients’ data ecosystem. With inGAGE™ our clients maximize their data assets through best-in-class technology to better support their member populations.

Medicare Advantage

inGAGE™ currently manages millions of Medicare Advantage lives from every states.  The platform offers various solutions to provide a complete member experience and engagement for Medicare Advantage health plans.  The Artificial Intelligence driven platform can handle both structured and unstructured healthcare data to create a real-time understanding of each member to drive member engagement solutions at scale.  The solutions impacts for overall quality measure improvement for all Star measures, including:

  • CAHPS and member satisfaction measures
  • HEDIS and clinical engagement
  • Member experience and retention
  • Interactive Health Risk Assessment/HRA solution


Leading Medicaid health plans utilizes inGAGE™ to deliver personalized member experience to all members.  The cloud based platform provides a seamless process for a coordinated member outreach to impact all aspect of member engagement for:

  • Physical and behavioral health condition management
  • Condition management
  • Preventative care management
  • Access to care interventions
  • Member engagement and retention
  • Activating hard to reach population
  • Redetermination automation
  • CAHPS and member satisfaction

Affordable Care Act Marketplace

Consumerism, digital experiences, and increasing customer expectations add to the complexity of healthcare management. inGAGE™ a four time Gartner Hype Cycle mentioned consumer experience platform provides a complete sets of solutions for each aspect of ACA Marketplace member engagement.

  • Member satisfaction and CAHPS measures
  • Clinical engagement for quality improvements
  • Member engagement and retention


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Learn to effectively use SDOH analytics to drive strategy


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