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  • Transformative Healthcare Marketing and Strategy Expert Justin Skerbetz Joins Insightin Health as Head of Marketing & Strategy

Transformative Healthcare Marketing and Strategy Expert Justin Skerbetz Joins Insightin Health as Head of Marketing & Strategy

Justin SkerbetzInsightin Health, a leading healthcare technology solutions provider, appointed healthcare expert Justin Skerbetz as their new Head of Marketing & Strategy.

Skerbetz brings more than two decades of progressive leadership experience to Insightin Health across a spectrum of healthcare sectors. His experience includes leading a Dallas, TX health plan to a 28% growth in membership and 19% increase in revenue as the Chief Marketing & Communications officer. Skerbetz also drove the Growth Marketing efforts for a Pittsburgh, PA health plan, achieving 2X growth in membership. His strategic vision and leadership were instrumental in the implementation of award-winning technology solutions while building a marketing infrastructure that has enhanced healthcare experiences for over 10 million lives.

“We are thrilled to welcome Justin to Insightin Health. His extensive experience in driving growth, implementing innovative technology solutions, and strategically structuring brands aligns seamlessly with our mission to revolutionize healthcare experiences,” said Enam Noor, CEO & Founder of Insightin Health.

Skerbetz’s background includes influential roles at a leading Blue’s Plan and extensive involvement across the intricacies of diverse membership markets including Medicare, Medicaid, ACA, and employer groups.

“Justin’s understanding of multiple healthcare markets goes beyond numbers and reflects an awareness of member behaviors and mindsets which will help us meet our clients’ needs,” said Noor.

Skerbetz’s expertise in brand strategy, demand generation, and consumer enablement, coupled with a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, positions him as a key player in shaping the future of the healthcare industry with Insightin Health.

“I am excited to join the talented team at Insightin Health and contribute to the next wave of healthcare innovation. Together, we will leverage data and insights to drive proactive, coordinated, and measurable next best actions that personalize the healthcare experience.” said Skerbetz.

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Insightin Health helps healthcare payers eliminate data silos and deliver highly satisfying consumer-centric experiences. inGAGE™ – our software as a service (SaaS) platform – is the industry-leading solution for quickly creating a connected data ecosystem. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, inGAGE™ leverages the totality of the connected data, in real-time, to produce insights that drive Next Best Action (NBA) recommendations to solve pressing healthcare challenges. inGAGE™ allows healthcare payers to deliver lifetime member value, driving growth and increasing overall plan profitability. For more information, visit

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