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Transforming Medicaid Engagement with inGAGE™

Leading Medicaid health plans leverage inGAGE™ to deliver personalized member experiences, utilizing a cloud-based platform that seamlessly coordinates member outreach across all aspects of engagement, encompassing: Physical and Behavioral Health Condition Management, Condition Management, Preventative Care Management, Access to Care Interventions, Member Engagement and Retention, Activating Hard-to-Reach Populations, Redetermination Automation, and Member Satisfaction. Our innovative solutions transcend traditional boundaries, integrating next best actions and leveraging digital front door approaches like conversational text to enhance member engagement rates while optimizing costs. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence, our platform adeptly manages both structured and unstructured healthcare data, providing real-time insights into each member. This scalable approach drives member engagement solutions, positively influencing the enhancement of quality measures, including vital metrics.


Efficient fulfillment of AWV’s across digital and offline channels not only enhances the Medicaid member experience but also frees up resources for other activities.

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