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Reimagining inGAGE™ Experience for
10M+ Lives
with 250B Data points

inGAGE™ is a highly secured cloud-based member experience platform that builds a complete understanding of a healthcare consumer’s journey, using analytics to optimize the value of that journey. The artificial intelligence of the platform gathers both structured and unstructured data to understand consumer behavior instantly and suggests the Next Best Action by tracking and analyzing consumers interactions within their healthcare.
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    Simple database management application to gather data across enrollment, eligibility, claims, HEDIS, risk score, call center, surveys, campaigns, SDOH, HL7, EMR and more.

    Highly Secured
    Structured and Unstructured
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    Easy to understand instant understanding of the population powered by inGAGE Score- the artificial intelligence driven algorithm with over 10 million lives with 220 billion datasets to accurately recommends the Next Best Action for improved and personalized member engagement.

    Instant Insight
    Predictive member 360
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    Effective and proactive outreach across omni-channels, with conversational communications, tailored to specific needs (HEDIS/Clinical, preventive care, post-acute care) and member satisfaction (CAHPS).

    Tailored Recommendations
    Empowering Outcomes

Our Platform

inGAGE™ offers the only end to end solution in one platform for Healthcare member engagement. The technology is layered into three seamless process to drive precision accuracy to predict member behavior and offers instant recommendations for Next Best Action engagement for improved member satisfaction.

Healthcare Database Management

Database Management

Seamless connections across diverse data sources. inGAGE™ simplifies the integration of internal and external data—from demographics and clinical records to behavioral insights and social determinants of health (SDoH). Secure protocols ensure a robust and adaptable ecosystem, accommodating data in any form or format.

Insightin health member engagement platform dashboard

Analytics Platform

Maximize member engagement strategies through real-time insights. inGAGE™ utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate predictive analytics, enabling data-driven decision. With inGAGE Score you gain a 360-degree real-time view engagement scores across the whole population, as well as down to each individual member to make personalized Next Best Actions.

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Engagement Engine

Maximize member interactions with campaign building to proactively create personalized outreach in the preferences members want. The unilateral conversations data and no-login member portals can transform inputs into actions, actions into interactions, and outcomes into valuable inputs.


inGAGE is integrated with an ecosystem of solution vendors to allow our clients to leverage these services together.


The ability to use the full scope of available information reduced what once took 10,000 minutes down to just 10 minutes.

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10M+ Lives

Next Best Action

Personalized Interventions

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