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Address non-compliance by applying machine learning and predictive analytics to improve HRA completion rates and member satisfaction.

With the inGAGE™ HRA workflow automation, you will:

  • Eliminate unnecessary expense with optimized omni-channel outreach
  • Avoid member dissatisfaction with intuitive, mobile-friendly digital HRAs
  • Seamlessly share Individualized Care Plans with members, care-givers, and providers


Improvement in HRA completion rate YoY


Increase in case management engagement for members who completed the HRA

$1.2 M

Net cost avoidance in the first year

$1.82 PMPM

Cost savings YoY

Learn how a regional Blues plan serving Medicaid and dually-eligible members used inGAGE™ to address low HRA completions and drive Next Best Actions.

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Member data captured through the Health Risk Assessment helps build a foundational understanding of each member and your overall population. Take action – use HRA insights to eliminate barriers to care, improve preventive care utilization, and increase member satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-time HRA completion progress

With inGAGE™ you will understand where you are with your HRA completions at all times. This real-time insight allows you to:

  • Proactively create strategies and engagement
  • See completion trends and forecasting
  • Understand the most successful completion channels

This level of reporting gives you the information you need to reach your compliance goals and impact Stars measures.

Understand the influencing factors that correlate to HRA completions

The inGAGE™ artificial intelligence and machine learning determines the influencing factors that impact HRA completions. Knowing this, you can:

  • Use Next Best Actions to address barriers that may be preventing members from completing an HRA
  • Tailor engagement and communications effectively
  • Understand members who are most likely to complete HRA’s on their own versus those who may need engagement and/or assistance

By understanding the influencing factors, you can also take effective actions to get HRA completions earlier in the year – which provides opportunities to address access to care barriers and member engagement sooner than later.

Real-time care plan analytics enable health plans to take action

With insight into how members are responding to the HRA, inGAGE™ can trigger automated Next Best Actions to promptly address member needs. For example:

  • If a member tells you that transportation is a barrier to care, you can remind them of their supplemental benefits via a conversational text platform
  • If a member comments they are feeling depressed, the platform can trigger a social worker
  • If a member says they are interested in an exercise program, an email can be sent that connects them with resources and programs

Additionally, member HRAs and care plans are always accessible via inGAGE™ and can be seamlessly transferred to care management systems, member portals and provider portals – you name it – enabling a total member experience.