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Podcast: Breaking Down Health Data Silos and Connecting the Dots in Real-Time to Drive Better Outcomes

Insightin Health

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Enam Noor is the Founder and CEO of Insightin Health,  empowering health plans to drive action through connected data. Working with health insurance companies with a focus on direct-to-consumer health plan products, Insightin is creating a data ecosystem that allows access by providers, payers, and patients. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, that data can be used to design treatment plans using their Next Best Action strategy.

Enam explains, “We try to create real-time insight around that information to drive healthier behavior, improve the member engagement, the population health part of preventative care management. In the senior population, when it comes to Medicare, there are a lot of chronic conditions. Preventative care management plays a big role in staying healthy. In general, what our clients expect out of our involvement is building that lifetime member value and are really extracting the best way to be healthier. Then eventually, it’s a win-win for everybody.”

“Our platform has three main areas in terms of technology. The very first portion is the data connector, where in a very simple way, very quickly, both structured and unstructured data can be digested by our platform. We have machine learning AIs and natural language processing. We can take any sort of data. In healthcare, there’s a lot of unstructured data, data that happens in phone conversations or notes field on the EHR.”

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Enam Noor

Founder and CEO,
Insightin Health