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A 3-Step Guide to the Experience of Tomorrow: Step 3-Build Better Member Experiences and Products with Healthcare Intelligence

In the first two parts of this three-part series, we shared that a better healthcare member experience starts with meeting your members wherever they are and serving their specific journeys. These journeys can look and function differently across markets and populations, and providers must trade the one-size-fits-none approach for one that’s more individualized.

To achieve these next-level experiences requires insight into the right healthcare data. But success also means using healthcare data to measure just how well your experiences are meeting (or missing) the mark and deciding what the next needs will be.

Let’s look at how you can use healthcare intelligence to continue building the products and experiences of tomorrow:

What Benefits Do Members Utilize?

Out of all of the benefits you offer, which ones are the most utilized? The most underutilized?

Utilization rates can help providers decide how much of a difference their offerings are making. However, you should also be looking beyond utilization to uncover why certain benefits might not be getting as much healthcare member engagement. This might be due to how those benefits are accessed or how well-informed the member is, for example.

Is Your Member Outreach Effective?

Outreach is an essential part of boosting healthcare member engagement. It allows providers to inform members about the services available to them and help them realize more value from their plan.

But not all outreach is created equal. Rural Robbie might have very limited access to the internet and may therefore miss important emails, while Jetsetter Betty stays on the go and often comes home to a fully-loaded mailbox.

Use healthcare intelligence to track your outreach, including where you’re connecting with members, how many touchpoints you’re making, and the outcomes of those touchpoints. From there, you can look for correlations between your outreach and the reactions from your members.

What Barriers Are in the Member Journey?

If healthcare member engagement is low or otherwise not ideal, could certain barriers in the member journey be the cause? For example, a barrier could be finding local access to services or having to go through multiple steps for pre-authorization, among many other things.

Once you find barriers along the member journey, think about what needs to change so that those barriers become more navigable.

How Do Healthcare Member Experiences Compare to Each Other?

Every member journey is unique, but providers would be remiss if they didn’t try to compare the healthcare member experience with other plans and competitors. Is the plan better or worse than others? Is one member’s experience indicative of how other members experience your offering?

Making this comparison ultimately allows you to build better products that best fit your market. Healthcare intelligence, enabled by a member engagement platform, lets you take a more scientific approach to helping your members, and in turn helps you differentiate yourself in an impactful way.

Creating Impactful Change with Insightin Health

Building a great member experience and hyper-local products that align with the member journey is a matter of measuring the effect of your efforts and continuously taking action to fine-tune and improve your services and products. To learn how Insightin Health puts healthcare data into your hands, contact us.