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Did you know today is Customer Experience Day?

I’d wager a bet that you might not have known that today is Customer Experience Day.  Several years ago, neither did I.  I was practicing CX, but I didn’t know it was a ‘thing’ and I didn’t know it had a ‘day’.  Now here’s the good news if you weren’t aware that today is #CXday and you can find a bit of time in your day to go and thank your customers.  Maybe you’ll also have a moment to attend one of the many informative and celebratory events taking place around the globe.  You can get more information about #CXday events here

There are many fun and engaging ways to celebrate the day.  I am celebrating this CX day by thanking our customers.  Thanking them for being our customers.  Thank them for sharing their feedback.  Thanking them for making us better.

If you are thinking, hmmm what can I possibly do at this late moment to celebrate, I am here to remind you sometimes simple is best, here’s a way you can celebrate, too:

  • Thank YOUR customers.
  • Thank your employees. Employees that feel appreciated do a better job.  If they do a better job, then your CUSTOMERS will have a better experience.
  • As a Health Plan leader it’s a great day to take stock; set some time aside and consider your healthcare journey, and walk in your members’ shoes for a moment. Examine the JOURNEY through their eyes and also with the outcomes we hope to achieve.  Some companies even bring an empty seat to the table to represent their member.
  • Research tells us if your customers are having positive experiences, not only will they stay loyal, but they will also share their experiences with friends, family, and neighbors when the topic of health plans comes up.

So, I’d also like to thank you, dear Reader, for dropping by and reading my Blog.  I hope you continue to check in with us here at Insightin Health.  We are proud to have built Customer Experience into our company and the software from the start.  We are excited about how we can help Health Plans place member experience and engagement at the heart of their business.

And, if you’ve got a favorite CX story in healthcare, we’d love to hear it.  Drop me a note or tag us on social.

Our latest blog was penned by our Chief Experience Officer, Marcia Kepler.