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  • Insightin Health’s inGAGETM Platform Launches COVID-19 Risk Indicator to Detect Vulnerable At-Risk Member Populations

Insightin Health’s inGAGETM Platform Launches COVID-19 Risk Indicator to Detect Vulnerable At-Risk Member Populations

Insightin Health, a provider of data-driven decision-making technology for a personalized healthcare experience and “Next Best Action” recommendations, has launched an initiative to support COVID-19 preparedness efforts. In light of growing COVID-19 concerns, the digital health technology firm has activated a real-time “risk-detector” via its inGAGETM platform. Driven by machine learning technology, inGAGETM scrubs infection and mortality data in real-time, creating a risk scoring model to assess information at a State and County level across the United States. The information generated from the platform will identify member-level risk factors and provide key data and information to our clients to assist them in activating each member’s “Next Best Action” such as:
  • Make outbound calls, enabled by our partnership with ReferWell, to do the following:
    • Schedule PCP Appointments where Indicated
    • Schedule Telehealth Appointments where Available
    • Complete a COVID-19 Assessment (Risk Indicator)
    • Locate the Nearest Testing Facilities
  • Identify social needs at both a member and population level
  • Offer a real-time dashboard visually detailing member responses and activities


“We are ready to work with our clients to activate this tool as quickly as possible in order to proactively provide help for the most vulnerable and at-risk member populations,” says Enam Noor, CEO & Founder of Insightin Health. “Our goal is to battle this outbreak together and to help flatten the curve.”

“It’s quite valuable to be able to identify the most-at-risk members and being able to reach them and schedule the appropriate next visit will help health plans realize that value in improved outcomes,” says Vytas Kisielius, CEO of ReferWell. “Taken together, those steps can get more vulnerable members the care they need to make a tangible difference.”

To learn more about how to leverage the inGAGETM  risk-indicator, contact us today!

About Insightin Health

Insightin Health is the industry’s only single platform which provides a complete personalized member engagement for each step of the health care journey. The core platform combines medical, clinical, cognitive, and social determinants of health to recommend the Next Best Action (NBA) for each person. Health plans can improve quality measurements, gain higher member satisfaction, and increase member retention. The simple integration and easy to use platform creates an effective shift towards a healthier population for the health plans.  For more information, visit

About ReferWell

ReferWell is a full-service referral management solution focused on the last mile in healthcare delivery – finding the right specialist for the patient, booking the patient appointment at the point of care, and ensuring patient and provider compliance. With ReferWell’s software, patient compliance when booked at the point of ca re increases by more than 60%. The systematic process helps healthcare networks stop out-of-network visits, increase referral capture, enhance coordination of care, and reduce cost while enhancing member experience and impacting STAR ratings. ReferWell’s cloud-based, EMR agnostic software balances the needs of payers, primary care providers, specialty care providers, and patients. For more information, please visit