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  • Insightin Health Promotes Ross Bauer to Senior Director of Business Intelligence

Insightin Health Promotes Ross Bauer to Senior Director of Business Intelligence

Prominent Healthcare Tech Firm Continues to Enhance Client-Focused Team

Baltimore, MD – November 11, 2020 – Insightin Health, provider of Artificial Intelligence driven “Next Best Action” for preventative care management, announced the promotion of Ross Bauer to Senior Director of Business Intelligence, effective as of November 2020. Bauer joined Insightin Health in December of 2019 as Director of Product Development. Bauer’s contributions to the Insightin team have included his comprehensive assessment when solving client business problems, a strategic mindset for providing the most user-friendly solutions, and the ability to bring teams together and lead impactful, meaningful dialogue. Bauer’s effective listening and communication skills has proven critical for product delivery and client satisfaction.

Bauer’s experience in the healthcare industry has put him in front of clients, developers, and product managers as a conduit for the client base’s needs. Through these encounters, Bauer has developed a strong background in identifying the underlying value behind client requests and translating them into product-worthy requirements.

In his role as Senior Director of Business Intelligence, Bauer is leading and building a team that focuses on understanding client business needs and workflows, translating these needs, and creating scalable, customer friendly processes to consistently meet such needs. Bauer’s role aligns with Insightin’s mission to continually innovate and provide its clients the best paths for more insightful care to their members.

“In this role, I hope to ensure the scalability of our client delivery through requirements and testing,” said Bauer. “I expect to build a framework that allows our product team to utilize the collective knowledge of our client base to inform and innovate in the product sphere.”

“Bauer’s robust technical, business logic, problem-solving, and product experience provide a unique combination of talents that offer us a leader who will make an immediate impact,” says Insightin’s VP of Operations Erin Rathbone. “I know this impact will be seen promptly through improved client deliveries based on effective, simple processes.”

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